Verbo “amar” –> “To love” Verbo “correr”–> “To run” Verbo “vivir”–> “To live”

In Spanish, we have a particular tense that is called: “Pretérito perfecto compuesto”. We add the verb “To have” before the main verb conjugated in the participle form. The same happens in English and in French.[:zh]gramatica35[:ru]gramatica35[:fr]gramatica35[:pt]gramatica35[:pb]gramatica35[:de]gramatica35[:it]gramatica35[:ar]gramatica35


ا ُّبَحَ أ ،اَّبَحَ أ ،َّبَحَ أ َ نْبَبْحَ أ ، تا َّبَحَ أ ،ْتَّبَحَ أ ْ مُتْبَبْحَ أ ، ما ُتْبَبْحَ أ ،َتْبَبْحَ أ َّ نُتْبَبْحَ أ ، ما ُتْبَبَحَ أ ،ِتْبَبْ أح نا ْبَبْحَ أ ،ُتْبَبْحَ[:ja]gramatica35[:pl]gramatica35[:ro]gramatica35[:]

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