THE FREEDOM OF THE TRUTH  The large and small intellectual discoveries or the astounding scientific and technical innovations that have fertilised human civilization have been possible thanks to individual initiative and personal freedom. These acted on occasions aside from effective legality and on many others against authority, being the laughing stock of the ignorant mass…… Continue reading THE FREEDOM OF THE TRUTH 


THE TRUTH OF SCIENCE  When faced with the nuclear questions of all the sciences, including the Economy, and in turn to enhance a good policy in our managerial, political or personal government, it is important to remember the motto on the frontispiece of the temple of Delfos that Socrates made his own: “Know yourself.” Socrates…… Continue reading THE TRUTH OF SCIENCE 

Greetings and farewells Expression Speaker Recipient Type Face to face Hola Hola Greetings Buenos días/tardes/ noches Buenos días/tardes/noches ¿Cómo estás? ¿Qué tal? Bien/mal ¿y tú?¿Cómo estás? Adiós Hasta luego Hasta mañana Hasta la tarde/noche Adiós Hasta luego Hasta mañana Hasta la tarde/noche   Farewells ¡Buena Suerte! ¡Buen viaje! ¡Gracias! ¡Igualmente! To wish people all the… Continue reading Greetings and farewells


“ANATOMY OF THE CRISIS” Although each group of circumstances that characterize a concrete economic situation is radically original and unrepeatable, from time to time it is important to fly over the critical analysis of the situation that tortures us, to contemplate the present faced with the future, with the historical perspective that past experience gives…… Continue reading “ANATOMY OF THE CRISIS”