ISAIAH – Índice

Isaiah  Isaiah – Introduction Isaiah – Chapter 1 Isaiah – Chapter 2 Isaiah – Chapter 3 Isaiah – Chapter 4 Isaiah – Chapter 5 Isaiah – Chapter 6 Isaiah – Chapter 7 Isaiah – Chapter 8 Isaiah – Chapter 9 Isaiah – Chapter 10 Isaiah – Chapter 11 Isaiah – Chapter 12 Isaiah – Chapter…… Continue reading ISAIAH – Índice

Isaiah – Introduction

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Introduction The greatest of the prophets appeared at a critical moment of Israel’s history. The second half of the eighth century B.C. witnessed the collapse of the northern kingdom under the hammerlike blows of Assyria (722), while Jerusalem itself saw the army of Sennacherib drawn up before its walls…… Continue reading Isaiah – Introduction

Isaiah – Chapter 13

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 13 1 An oracle concerning Babylon; a vision of Isaiah, son of Amoz. 2 1 Upon the bare mountains set up a signal; cry out to them, Wave for them to enter the gates of the volunteers. 3 2 I have commanded my dedicated soldiers, I have summoned my warriors,…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 13

Isaiah – Chapter 16

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 16 1 Send them forth, hugging the earth like reptiles, from Sela across the desert, to the mount of daughter Zion. 2 1 Like flushed birds, like startled nestlings, Are the daughters of Moab at the fords of the Arnon. 3 2 Offer counsel, take their part: at high noon…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 16

Isaiah – Chapter 17

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 17 1 1 Oracle on Damascus: Lo, Damascus shall cease to be a city and become a ruin; 2 Her cities shall be forever abandoned, given over to flocks to lie in undisturbed. 3 2 The fortress shall be lost to Ephraim and the kingdom to Damascus; The remnant of…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 17

Isaiah – Chapter 18

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 18 1 1 2 Ah, land of buzzing insects, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, 2 Sending ambassadors by sea, in papyrus boats on the waters! Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and bronzed, To a people dreaded near and far, a nation strong and conquering, whose land is washed…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 18

Isaiah – Chapter 19

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 19 1 Oracle on Egypt: See, the LORD is riding on a swift cloud on his way to Egypt; The idols of Egypt tremble before him, the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them. 2 I will rouse Egypt against Egypt: brother will war against brother, Neighbor against…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 19

Isaiah – Chapter 20

The Bible – Old Testament Isaiah Chapter 20 1 In the year the general sent by Sargon, king of Assyria, fought against Ashdod and captured it, 2 1 the LORD gave a warning through Isaiah, the son of Amoz: Go and take off the sackcloth from your waist, and remove the sandals from your feet. This…… Continue reading Isaiah – Chapter 20